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But when it comes to sharing your listing online, the right images can be worth so much more.

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How to Prepare for Photos

          General Guidelines

Turn on all the lights on photo day

Clean everything!

Remove personal, pet, religious, and seasonal/holiday items

Remove toys from main living areas and limit excess toys in other areas

De-clutter – less is more in photos

Limit knick-knacks and other decorative items on display

Dust (flat surfaces, light fixtures)

Vacuum carpets and rugs

Mop and sweep hard floors

Remove trash cans, air fresheners, tissue boxes, and remotes

Wash windows inside and out

Close all windows

Open blinds and curtains

Curtains – open or tie back

Venetian blinds – leave down and open (slats parallel to floor or flat)

Mini blinds – pull open

Vertical blinds – slide open

Shades – pull up

Remove small rugs (except in entryways)

Light Bulbs

Check for burnt out light bulbs

Ensure you have all one type of bulb in a light fixture
o “Rule of 3” – a simplified Staging Tip – Only 3 items allowed

On kitchen counters –small potted herb/flower, coffee pot, knick-knack

On bathroom counter – vase of flowers, small clock, knick-knack

Front Entry or Foyer

Check bulbs in chandelier

Remove excess rugs

Provide clean rug

Remove excess shoes and coats

Living Room             

Remove kids’ and pets’ toys

Fluff throw pillows

Hide visible cords

De-clutter coffee and end tables

Remove remotes, tissue boxes, and excess blanket


Clear off the counter and leave 2 to 3 small items

Keep coffee pot, stand mixer

Hide toaster oven, excess appliances

Add color with a lively plant or vase of flowers

Empty sink of dishes and dish rack

Hide soap, dishcloth, sponges, and drain stops

Remove rugs from the floor

Remove pet food dishes

Straighten and evenly space bar stools

Remove everything from front, top, and sides of the refrigerator

Remove fingerprint from appliances

Remove calendar and mail

Hide trash can

  Dining Room            

Remove items from chairs

Add a centerpiece

Straighten and evenly space chairs

Remove high chairs and booster seats



Make the bed with coordinating bedding, including decorative pillows/shams, if available

Make sure sheets/mattress are covered by the blanket/comforter

Stand the pillows upright

Remove diaper genie/pail

Remove the child’s name from the wall

De-clutter nightstands and dressers

Remove items from under the bed or use a bed skirt




Remove documents from the surface of the desk

Clear desk of everything except computer, phone and desk lamp

Add one decorative item (ex. small plant), if desired

Hide or organize cords

Open your laptop

Remove garbage can

Make sure the computer monitor is blank



Clear off the vanity

Leave only clean, unused towels and decorative items

Remove toilet brush, plunger, and trash can

Close toilet lid

Clean mirrors (streaks will show in photos)



Remove food and water bowls

Hide pet beds, toys, and cat towers

Remove pet hair from furniture and floors

Let the photographer know if there will be a pet in the home during the shoot


Laundry Room/Mudroom

Wipe down washer/dryer

Front-Loading Washer & Dryer – Remove & put away laundry

Put away iron & ironing board


Put laundry into bins/baskets

Organize laundry detergent/softeners, etc. (i.e. on the shelf, in the cupboard, etc.)

Remove excess coats, shoes, and clutter

Provide a clean rug


Close garage doors

DSC_5337DSC_5337 Hide trash cans

Mow the lawn

Remove vehicles and trailers from the driveway

Remove weeds

Remove toys from the yard

Tidy up patio furniture and add cushions

If you have a pool, clean and open on photo day